"Until the lion learns to speak, the story will always glorify the hunter."

Everyone has a Story. You Created A Legacy

the world is waiting to read & build on!

My Legacy Storyteller captures your personal, family or your company’s entire legacy in a full color custom bound book for generations to come.

If it is to be accurate, it must come directly from you!  

You don't have time to create and write your legacy at the same time.


  • Takes your desires, story, ideas, dreams, history inside your heart and head, then transforms them into the true story of your legacy others are willing to buy, read and cherish.
  • Captures your voice, exploding it into a story that resonates emotionally and commercially with your clients, family, readers.
  • is your interpreter, guide, collaborator and ultimately your complete advocate. I achieve this by listening to you intently, absorbing your story and then turning your thoughts into a compelling, well-written book.